We often find that literature offers answers that can be applied to the field of photographic narrations. Although literature has dealt with all kind of themes, it still captures the reader’s attention. The story a writer tells is different from the rest when he looks into the world from his own particular point of view and he creates his own narrative structure to tell the story.

In photography it is necessary to develop a similar process that will exceed the mere copying or repetition of successful methodologies that have already been used in the art market or with publishers; it is necessary to risk in the search of our own grammar, a grammar that should be consistent with our inner world and/or our own culture; to extend the lifetime of a photograph by adding multiple layers of meanings into the image, going beyond the mere anecdote, eliminating tautologies and introducing visual signs that will make the spectator reflect on the interpretation of the image.

Alejandro Castellote, via CPN.

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